Landmark Structure for Food Corporation of India
Breaking Boundaries through Visionary Design.

Master Plan for 25 acres in Gujarat
Generous landscape and recreation spaces
intertwined with aesthetic buildings.

Transforming Mumbai one brick at a time
Through large scale urban regeneration.

Holistically designed architecture.
Creating the ambience of serenity.

Temple At Kanpur-Tranquility in the midst of an urban
jungle Using Jallis to create a play of Light and Shadow.

Global School-Expansive Design where
young minds can explore Through a mix
of open and built spaces.

Private bungalow at Alibaug.
Intimate living spaces to manifest harmony and inspiration

Multi Modal Transit Hub Planned for Surat
Bringing culture and modernism together.

Central Business District at Raipur.
We create a conducive environment to
increase commercial development.

Urban Design | Architecture | Interiors


Our Design Methodology is focused on the user, the client, the function and the ultimate experience. Our team understands
the Vision of our clients, helps them to elevate it and bring to life Spaces whether they be living spaces, transactional spaces,
institutional spaces, religious spaces or spaces for leisure.

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Over 25 Years of Experience in Architecture

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