Multi Modal Transit Hub for Indian Railways at Surat

Railway Station embodying the spirit of the city

Surat is a city in Western India with a heritage of international trade through the water ways. The local community mastered the art of processing, polishing and cutting diamonds. Another major livelihood is weaving intricate textile patterns. Diamond trading and textiles form the backbone of Surat’s culture and economy.

The sleepy town has grown into a sprawling city. The Railway station hasn’t kept pace with this development and requires a revamp to meet needs of the users.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - Inspired by the molecular structure of a diamond, the structure of the station is hexagons that unfold into a crystalline form. The folded plate roof allows for larger spans, it is easy to construct and also exposes a lesser surface area for direct heat gain in the roof.

The glass facades are vertically tilted by 15 degrees to self-shade themselves. The facades are folded to be oriented towards the north-south direction for minimum heat gain.The screen walls have different traditional motifs used for block printing from handloom industry. These screen walls allow cross ventilation throughout the structure.

The concourse has been raised to a higher level of +4.5m to ease traffic flow on the main road and make the station visible with all its functions and circulation patterns from car drop-offs to train platforms.The folded plate roof is composed of three elements - clerestory fins at the large entrance roof for ventilation, transparent glass skylights and internal perforated metal screen.The combination of these three layers filter and diffuse natural light throughout the space.

Surat station goes beyond the traditional function of a railway station and is designed to be an active participant in the role of Surat as an economic, financial, cultural and creative world class city. A new sustainable concept of this train station is to create a social and cultural hub which also acts as social infrastructure. The thought is to reimagine the train station as something that can bring people together and become a social destination for linking places instead of just being an ordinary transportation changing mode or transit spot.