Poona Hospital and Research Centre

A hospital which heals through the five senses.

The Poona Hospital is planned in the upcoming area of Undri in Pune city. While designing the hospital, we focused on the profound impact of architecture on our thoughts and senses. We designed with an intention of healing. Landscape and Nature’s healing potential along with the traditional Wada style of architecture have been fused. This creates a nuanced ambience ideal for calming and soothing. Different centers embracing alternate healing methods such as Unani, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy and Allopathy are found under one roof to provide complete care.Landscape helps generate an exterior feeling at the heart of the hospital.Colourful floral landscape provides an ease on the eyes.

Fragrant gardens stimulate the sense of smell. Medicinal plants invoke growth of fauna. The poetry of shadow and light touch the users. The sound of flowing water soothes the nerves. Vibrant colours on the walls give a radiant sensation, patterns of light entering an interior space through openings give a character to the space. Natural elements like wood and green plants make the building feel warm and communicative. All of these are different sensations while experiencing architecture.

Using Vaastu principles, the built mass has been stacked on the Southern side of the plot. This is then surrounded by landscape inspired by Shaniwar Wada to deepen the healing element. The hospital has a focal entry with a clear view of the landscaped courtyard. The South side receives maximum light and the taller structures provide shade to the landscaped courtyard. The north side is stepped on each floor to add to the built texture. The design responds to and is respectful of the unique architectural culture of Maharashtra.