Sunteck O.C.D

An Iconic Tower using form based design - Meeting the needs of modern living

Designed as a sleek towering structure, this high-rise residential building was conceptualized to stand out as one travels across the western express highway.

It rises to a height of 195 meters. Each apartment has a 270 degree view mostly of the National Park. Two semi-elliptical floor plates fused at an off-centre core and vertically extruded varying heights give the building its mesmerizing form. The intermediate, double height green terraces act as a break in the massing. This challenges the otherwise dominant glass and concrete masses of the neighborhood while blending in.The building façade is simple and devoid of any frivolous elevation treatments.

Horizontal floor lines intercepting the vertical form act as the only major design elements used to accentuate the form and are extremely integral to the building planning. It stands on a plot of 70,000 sq.ft. with 1,49,992 sqft of residential and 28,327 sq.ft of commercial space. Keeping in view the needs of modern living, club house, swimming pool and garden space have been provided at the ground level. The structure stands to make a mark in the western suburb both for its efficient planning as for its external design.