Wockhardt Global School

Designed on a large parcel of contoured land climaxing into a very scenic lake, the collective functions take the lake edge and the more intense study areas - the classrooms at the higher levels. Keeping the built to the minimum, a large part of the virgin land is grown as a forest to create a micro-climate, much less harsher that the hot and dry climate of Aurangabad.

The school exploits the opportunities offered by the rich site to give an integrated education system comprising of a formal curriculum within the natural setting establishing more than classroom learning. Children would be a part of a higher understanding of their natural context. The region attracts a number of migratory birds and the vision for the school is to ensure a conducive environment to nurture these in future as well.

This not only enriches the regional bio-diversity but also fosters a child’ curiosity and respect for the natural world. Hands on experiences of organic farming, waste composting, rain water harvesting, waste water recycling, passive cooling and arresting global warming by afforestation at a local scale. Pre-primary block cluster of classrooms are designed around a huge tree, making it part of their learn-and play experiences. The school campus can boast of annual events like art, music, dance and drama performances as well as take advantage of the lake for kayaking and punting shows hosted for the city at large.