ECGC – ECGC ltd.

An ultra-modern building - a symbol of rapidly developing Modern India.

Government buildings in India have a very stereotypical image - that of boring and dull facades designed only to perform the function it was meant for, without attention to aesthetics.

However, when this project was conceptualized the main aim was to break all the shackles and create not just a structure that functions as an office building but a timeless piece of art... a sculpture that redefines how a government building should look like... a symbol of not just modern architecture but a symbol of rapidly developing Modern India. Our aim was to come up with a design of an ultramodern iconic office structure with the perfect amalgamation of socio economic needs with futuristic approach.

The project also aims to create environment friendly, energy-efficient buildings by effectively managing natural resources. This entails passively and actively harnessing solar energy and using materials which, in their manufacture, application, and disposal, do the least possible damage to the 'free resources' such as water, soil, and air. The location of this development is ideal in Mumbai. A key factor that makes this location so desirable is the amount of greenery it offers making it an oasis in the concrete jungle.With the breathtaking view of landscapes all around, almost all offices enjoy direct sunlight from the atrium. The sunlight works as cosmic energy which helps in increasing efficiency and creating the perfect environment for business to grow and flourish. The complex is decked up with an ultra-modern club providing facilities like gymnasium, club house, indoor games, etc.

Intricately designed plazas flowing through the atrium along with landscape on site creating a visual connectivity. Lush landscape with the southwest wind flow helps in creating a cool atmosphere thus reducing energy wastage. Retention of existing trees creates a subtle and cool environment throughout the site. Water permeable landscape features reduce heating effect. Open plan enables air flow throughout the spaces.

The skylight feature provides natural light inside the offices and the intelligent facade glass resists the heat. The terrace gardens keep the environment more oxygenated. It offers best office space that will globalize the corporate identity and take the business to soaring heights of success.