Bhendi Bazaar Cluster Redevelopment Project

India’s largest urban renewal project set in the heart of Mumbai

Set in the congested old city area of Mumbai, this project presented numerous challenges and opportunities to re-write the landscape of Mumbai. Existing buildings, infrastructure and living conditions were beyond repair. The interactions with residents and shop keepers alike concluded that community living, bazaar shopping and exquisite religious structures demanded continuity in the new millennia.

Bhendi Bazaar was originally built in block format. We decided to retain this urban planning element while expanding the roads, infrastructure and street fronts.

Thus, the new development will merge seamlessly into the neighborhood infrastructure network. Interactive streetscapes with road facing store-fronts have been envisaged. The project is designed with an eye on the future to act as a prototype for all developments in the area.

A total of 9 clusters and 17 buildings will replace the 280 odd buildings. Focus has been creating a sustainable development using latest technology. Tools for minimizing environmental impact such as use of recycled construction material, solar lights, rainwater harvesting, terrace gardens, double wall facades, creation of green spaces on the ground level, waste management and sewage treatment are being deployed.

The Rehab Towers have courtyard spaces and intermediate green terraces for communal gatherings. Living conditions are upgraded from 250 sqft apartments to a minimum size of 350 sq.ft. Fitting homes of varying sizes has been an engaging experiment. Sale towers cater for affluence while continuing to be a part of the overall development. Ample parking has been provided for the entire development An overarching theme of Fatemi Architecture has been applied to create a distinct identity. Classical elements such as pointed arches, blank walls with arch punctures, elegant domes, colonnade archways, jalli work form intrinsic features of the development.